By Mary Williams, Marketing Manager, DocuWare, Jan 28th 2022

Businesses are facing new challenges daily in today’s ever-changing work environment.

Human resource departments continue navigating the COVID-19 topic, identifying what works best for their business, employees and culture, considering solutions that adhere to their company policy.

IT teams have never been more stressed than they are now with many employees in a work-from-home or hybrid environment. They are tasked with making sure accessing documents and collaborating on projects, in a safe ecosystem, works flawlessly.

Business leaders are looking for solutions to not only solve today’s problems but are flexible enough to handle whatever comes their way tomorrow.

Your sustainability depends on the products you offer your current and prospective customers. By offering ready-made or customized, cloud-based solutions, you not only secure your position as their trusted vendor, but you also become their ‘silent’ business partner.

For example, if the invoice approval process is their challenge, find a solution to offer that can be up and running in just a day or two. Make sure it offers several options for the approval process…does it need two approvals, one approval, or maybe just a match to the purchase order is sufficient. Handling something as simple yet as important as invoice processing via a digital workflow – can save an organization time and money while offering peace of mind.

The same holds true for securing and sharing all company documents. Whether it’s confidential employee records, manufacturing quality control reports, student records, etc., you want to offer them a solution that provides several levels of security so that only authorized access is allowed. It should be built on a secure platform such as Microsoft Azure. And having a user-friendly interface will help with user adaption.

You’re the hero when you help your customers fuel their organization’s success.