By Rachel Dean, Keypoint Intelligence

We have all heard that offices would be going paperless at some point. It was even mentioned in a Business Week article in 1975! While digital processes increase and print volumes have continued to decline (at a faster rate during the COVID-19 pandemic than before), print certainly hasn’t completely gone away.

Printing is inherently wasteful with paper, toner, and power usage being the largest components with continued use. Material use for the device and its packaging also contributes…but is it all that bad? As customers, we are becoming more environmentally aware, and vendors are forced to respond to this shift as well as follow suit with increasing regulations. With vendors’ sustainability goals including carbon neutral targets, product recycling rates, use of recycled materials in products and packaging, remanufactured offering, as well as print management software offerings, there are many ways to make sure that waste is kept to a minimum as well as offset.

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