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Parcel Pending by Quadient finished off 2020 with impressive growth, having nearly doubled total installations of their smart locker solutions. This growth comes amid consumer demands for safe and secure solutions to retrieve deliveries and is compounded by increases in online shopping.

Online shopping increased dramatically last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many consumers taking advantage of the convenience and security of online retail. As consumer preference shifted, demand for contact-free delivery solutions, like Parcel Pending’s smart lockers, grew exponentially.

“Last year was unlike anything this nation has ever seen before in terms of total online purchases and year-round, high package volumes,” stated Lori A. Torres, CEO and Founder of Parcel Pending. “However, Parcel Pending was born out of the mission to solve the nation’s package problems and we rose to the occasion. As a trusted partner to major retailers, leading universities and multifamily properties both large and small, we helped millions receive their special deliveries safely, securely and conveniently, something we are very proud of.”

Parcel Pending by Quadient 2020 Snapshot

  • Twas’ the Season for Smart Lockers
    In December 2020, Parcel Pending processed nearly 4 million packages – a 46 percent increase compared to December 2019 – and tripled the total number of their smart locker installations in December 2020 compared to December 2019.
  • Retailers Turn to Smart Lockers for Contactless Order Fulfillment
    With more than 60 percent of online orders picked up in-store, many retailers turned to smart locker solutions to provide a contactless, safe and convenient way for customers to retrieve their purchases. In 2020, Parcel Pending was named the exclusive locker partner of the premier home improvement retailer, Lowe’s, and successfully began installing its locker solutions at its 1,700+ stores nationwide ahead of the holiday shopping season.
  • Consumers Demand Fresh Deliveries
    Last year, Parcel Pending experienced a 45 percent increase in total installations of their refrigerated locker solutions compared to 2019. Parcel Pending was the first company to introduce refrigerated lockers back in 2017. These lockers are designed to keep perishable items such as food, medications, and flowers fresh until they are picked up.
  • Colleges and Universities Tap Smart Lockers to Create Safe Environment
    Universities are adding lockers to their campuses to provide contact-free amenities for their students, staff and faculty. For Parcel Pending, installations of their locker solutions at higher education institutions doubled in Q4 2020 compared to Q4 2019. Colleges and universities can utilize Parcel Pending’s smart lockers to deliver student mail; distribute personal belongings or electronics (like a laptop or tablet); disseminate library books, textbooks, or move-in materials; shipping logistics; and more. This helps to reduce touchpoints, provide a contactless experience, and minimize human-to-human interactions to keep both students and faculty safe.
  • Contact-Free Features Help Keep Users Safe
    Last year, Parcel Pending experienced a 60 percent increase in usage of their mobile app compared to 2019. Parcel Pending allows users to access their deliveries by scanning a barcode or pushing a button in the mobile app, enabling easy and safe package pickup without having to use the locker kiosk touchscreen.

“It is more important than ever for multifamily communities, retailers and higher education institutions to invest in smart lockers and ensure they are providing a safe and contact-free way for their residents, customers and students to retrieve their deliveries at their convenience,” continued Torres.

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s smart locker solutions offer a number of benefits for multifamily properties, retailers, colleges and universities, including:

  • Smart. Infrared scanner detects packages and items in each locker.
  • Secure. Reduces Theft. Built-in camera captures each delivery and pick-up.
  • Contact-free. Recipients simply tap their phone to open the locker door automatically to retrieve their package without having to come in contact with the touchscreen or keypad.
  • Fast. Barcode capture enables rapid package delivery.
  • Courier Agnostic. Accept deliveries from all couriers, ensuring 100% deliverability.
  • Advanced. Manage deliveries with the Parcel Pending mobile app.
  • Customizable. Choice of color or custom wrap to match any aesthetic or branding.
  • Convenient. Available for package pickup on recipients’ schedules; full ADA compliance supports any user.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a paradigm shift in the way Americans shop, which will most likely not be reversed post-pandemic. Traditional shopping habits have now evolved to heavily rely on the convenience of online shopping – there’s no going back,” stated Torres. “As we look ahead to the rest of 2021, Parcel Pending is poised for further growth as the demand for a safe, secure, and convenient way to receive online orders and deliveries continues to increase. We look forward to delivering the best contactless package management solutions and service to our customers.”

About Parcel Pending by Quadient
Parcel Pending by Quadient is the leading provider of smart locker solutions for residential, commercial, retail, and university properties in the United States and Canada. With as many as 4 million packages successfully delivered monthly, Parcel Pending by Quadient offers a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders. With the strength of its combined power, reach, and offerings, Parcel Pending by Quadient provides state-of-the-art solutions and world-class customer service to solve the last-mile delivery challenge.

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