November 9th, 2021, London, UK – MPS Monitor®, the company that develops and distributes the leading platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, has announced a partnership with gap intelligence, values-led market intelligence firm. The goal of this partnership is to provide additional value to the imaging dealers’ community through improved business analytics and market intelligence, deeply integrated into MPS Monitor’s award-winning Analytics BI platform.

MPS Monitor provides its users with an extremely advanced and complete Business Intelligence environment, fully integrated in its remote monitoring and management SaaS platform, which is used by more than 2,000 dealers in 60 countries. MPS Monitor Analytics is a full and comprehensive BI platform designed for imaging dealers, printer resellers and Managed Print Services providers, based entirely on Microsoft Power Bi Embedded technology. The solution enables users to access a full BI environment from within their MPS Monitor web portal – all without the need for separate accounts, different portals, or additional licensing. Users have access to a full self-service BI experience with the ability to modify existing dashboards and reports, or to create new ones from scratch with extreme ease of use, without any coding or even previous BI skills. The company recently announced that its BI environment has been the subject of an extensive feature published on the Customer Stories showcase of Microsoft’s global corporate site.

One common challenge for most remote monitoring tools is the limited ability to deliver valued insights and useful reporting, because of the lack of standardization of data points collected by devices. Printers have a limited ability to identify themselves using standard models and are often not able to provide sufficient information on their technical specifications, consumable part numbers, market age and energy consumption.

Through the partnership with gap intelligence, MPS Monitor is able to substantially enrich its BI features, by adding extensive market visibility and additional insights. Gap intelligence provides an extremely complete and updated dataset with market information and product specifications coming from its internal expertise and its continuous monitoring activity of the print industry: millions of data points containing product specifications and configurations, consumables associations, dates of announcement and retirement from the market, energy consumption – and many others – are now available for each single standard model for all main printer manufacturers.

This valuable and extensive dataset is now merged inside the MPS Monitor Cloud data warehouse on which the Analytics system runs. The result is a massive increase in the ability to create insights and data visualisations, by leveraging the power of real-time data coming from devices together with extensive market data and product specifications. A new MPS Monitor feature, called Standard Models Association, will enable users to take advantage of these increased Analytics capabilities in a very simple and guided way.

Commenting on this announcement, Nicola De BlasiCEO of MPS Monitor, said: “BI and predictive analytics are some of the most powerful tools in the hands of dealers and Managed Print Service providers, for future-proofing their business health and securing their profitability. That’s why at MPS Monitor we are investing so extensively in providing self-service BI capabilities to all our users. By partnering with gap intelligence, we can further enhance the breadth and depth of insights that our platform provides and really empower our customers’ sales, operations and finance teams to transform their fleets’ raw data into valuable intelligence. Through the merger of this new dataset in the MPS Monitor database, we enable every user to know everything about every device, and not just what’s happening in real time, but also about what will happen in the future.”

CEO of gap intelligence, Gary Peterson, shared, “Getting accurate, complete, and timely data is critical to making smart business decisions. We are thrilled that our casual micro and macro level data is part of MPS Monitor’s solution to drive results. Our MPS Monitor and gap intelligence partnership empowers organizations through actionable insights.”

The gap intelligence dataset integration is immediately available to all MPS Monitor Portal users by accessing the new Standard Models function just released.

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With more than 1,000,000 printing devices and 30 billion pages monitored each year on over 150,000 end users, MPS Monitor is one of the major IoT software solutions globally for monitoring printing devices and the provision of Managed Print Services. MPS Monitor provides an extremely complete SaaS platform for monitoring and managing printers, available on the cloud, and equipped with a full set of APIs for integrating external software solutions. Its highly scalable and high-performing data collection technology allows Dealers/VARs, large end-users, manufacturers, and retailers of printer consumables to satisfy any need associated with the management of printing devices, recording of page volumes, and supply of toner in an automatic and controlled way. The MPS Monitor Cloud service is managed within an ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified Information Security Management System and guarantees full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Recently MPS Monitor has successfully completed the System and Organization Controls 2 Type 1 (SOC 2 Type 1) audit.

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About gap intelligence

gap intelligence is a values-led company that works with manufacturers, resellers, and industry players within the information technology, imaging, consumer electronics, and home appliance industries to bring them up-to-the-minute market intelligence. The company was recognized as one of San Diego Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work”.

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