Intelligent information management leader unveils modern, simplified user interface that makes use and adoption faster, easier and more intuitive

AUSTIN, Texas – January 27, 2021 – M‑Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today launched its new Web Client, offering customers dramatically improved usability and ease-of-use to tackle today’s most pressing information management challenges.

Optimized for daily use, the new Web Client offers a simplified user interface that helps customers adopt the M‑Files solution faster and easier. The Web Client brings a consumer-like, user friendly experience to  the daily work of ECM users, helping deliver new efficiencies in their information management operations. It provides a modern, simplified all-in-one view and offers intuitive user flows that adapt to the user’s needs and behavior. The Web client integrates smoothly with Microsoft Office for creating and editing documents, and offers an intuitive approach for archiving documents, tagging documents with metadata, or sharing documents with colleagues. The improved search functionality with more search options and a fast and effective search experience helps users find what they need faster, more accurately, and more easily than before. All in all, the quick adoption helps customers reach faster return on investment.

“User adoption is the most critical part of any information management strategy. A software solution only brings value if end-users can easily embrace it and adapt it into their daily routines. Solutions must be easy to learn and provide substantial benefits to one’s daily work,” said Arto Vahvanen, vice president, product management at M‑Files.  “For this reason, user experience has always been the key focus for and driver of our product innovation strategy.”

M‑Files gained industry-wide recognition with its impressive track record of boosting user adoption for ECM platforms and intelligent information management: M‑Files was the first vendor to free users from having to know the structure of their information repositories. With a ‘What vs. Where’ approach to document management, users could employ metadata to locate information instead of navigating through complex folder structures. Following that, M‑Files again was the first established vendor in the industry to eliminate information silos with its repository-neutral approach. The user would not need to know in which system a piece of information was stored. By providing all information automatically in context using AI-based metadata enrichment and tagging, M‑Files then established an incredibly effortless way for users to browse through related information. With the latest launch of its new web experience – spanning from the new web client and a broad set of integrations for widespread platforms such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams, Google Workspace, and Salesforce – users now can individually choose their preferred day-to-day working environment and take advantage of all the benefits that M-Files offers, such as auto-classification and smart metadata.

“The new Web Client enables a user-centric intelligent information management experience and defines a new benchmark for ease-of-use and user experience across our industry,” said Vahvanen.

The new Web Client for M‑Files is available now at no additional cost for all M‑Files Online users.

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About M‑Files
M‑Files provides a next-generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data, and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in its unique Intelligent Metadata Layer, M‑Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file-sharing services, ECM systems, CRM, ERP, and other business systems and repositories. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries use M‑Files for managing their business information and processes, including NBC Universal, OMV, SAS Institute, and ThyssenKrupp.

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