Supporting the Sustainable Growth of Printing Companies with Unique Digital Technology

Tokyo (March 25, 2024) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it will showcase its products at drupa 2024, the world’s leading international trade fair for print and cross-media solutions to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 28 to June 7, 2024, where it will have one of the largest stands at its booth (Hall 8B) with an area of 2,400m².

Exhibition Theme: See the Potential in the Future of Print

Konica Minolta supports the sustainable growth and business expansion of printing companies by providing high-value-added printed matter with high productivity through digital printing.

Under the main message of “See the Potential in the Future of Print”, Konica Minolta will propose a future vision for printing companies by making full use of its unique technology and know-how, which the Company has cultivated over many years of working closely with partners committed to printing.

Konica Minolta’s top priority is to automate and provide assistance technologies for the printing process and maximize throughput. By reducing the routine work time required to prepare for printing, productivity of the entire printing process will be improved, and operator stress is reduced. At the same time, by focusing on the professional quality that printing companies require, Konica Minolta increases customer satisfaction and trust in the printing company. In addition, by providing a variety of support functions that enable even less skilled and inexperienced operators to work comfortably and achieve high performance, Konica Minolta contributes to improving the working environment of printing companies, reducing environmental impact, and improving business continuity.

Outline of Konica Minolta’s exhibition at drupa 2024

  1. AccurioJet 60000 The next generation B2 High-Speed UV Inkjet PressNEW

Konica Minolta will exhibit for the first time the top-of-the-line model AccurioJet 60000, which further enhances the quality and functionality of the AccurioJet KM-1 and KM-1e, which have been used around the world since the release in 2016 for various printing applications such as various printing papers and PVC plastics. The AccurioJet 60000 maximizes throughput with high productivity of 6,000 sheets/hour and improves automation and labor-saving. Using HS-UV (High-definition, Single-pass UV) ink, it maintains high image quality and gloss reproducibility that approaches offset printing, while a high level of color stability is achieved with easy operation.

  1. AlphaJET – an integrated line from printing to finishing

In order to create a sense of luxury and meet the diverse needs of customers, embellish printing is performed using spot varnish to create a relief effect, foil stamping, etc. for packaging. Since many companies and departments are involved to handle plate creation and each process, redundant printing and time consumption are issues in the industry.
AlphaJET, provided by Konica Minolta together with its France-based partner MGI Digital Technology, performs all processes necessary for package printing, from inkjet printing to embellish printing and post-processing, all in one step. It significantly shortens process time, reduces installation floor space and waste, and provides a clean working environment.
Konica Minolta will show dynamic exhibit of the full system for the first time at this drupa.

  1. Support for improving the efficiency of the entire printing workflow by unique technology

Since entering the digital printing market with toner-based production machines, Konica Minolta has gained a high reputation for understanding issues by getting into customers’ printing workflows and solving them using its unique technology.
For example, the Company offers quality optimization options and color management tools that are equipped with automatic color measurement management and automatic inspection functions, such as the IQ-501, which utilizes Konica Minolta’s proprietary sensing technology. It helps to improve printing processes without the need for proficiency or experience and achieve significant labor savings and efficient operation.

In addition, by applying its own unique imaging IoT technology platform FORXAI, Konica Minolta shows reducing downtime by visualizing the operating status of printer, a Cobot-robotics arm, and an automated printing paper delivery system using AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot). The Company proposes labor savings of the process and safety and security at printing sites.

  1. Inkjet head technology that extends to a wide range of applications

Konica Minolta utilizes inkjet heads for its own digital printers, which are based on the precision processing technology and chemical technology that the Company has cultivated in its founding camera and film businesses. The Company also works with a wide variety of industrial printer manufacturers, including large-format signage printers, and provides inkjet heads globally. Furthermore, by leveraging the strength of high-gap printing, Konica Minolta will expand its application to industrial applications, in addition to printing on cardboard and building materials, which are expected to grow in the future.

Konica Minolta aims to solve social issues

Brand owners who order printed materials are becoming increasingly individualized and short-cycled in their marketing methods. As the number of private and local brands increases, demand for small-lot printing is expanding, with greater promotional effectiveness in promotional materials, packages, labels, etc. In addition, printing companies are facing the challenges of a shortage of skilled workers and an aging population and are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental considerations.

Konica Minolta will accelerate the adoption of digital printing by expanding its scope to cover the entire printing process and the supply chain and focusing on innovation and improvement from the customer’s perspective. In doing so, the Company will contribute to changing the way printing works and improving job satisfaction for people. At the same time, Konica Minolta aims to reduce losses in each process of the printing life cycle and reduce its environmental impact.

Konica Minolta proposes a future vision for printing companies that will grow sustainably with growing value of digital printing.

SOURCE Konica Minolta