21 new systems bring enhanced security and improved ease of use to the modern workplace

Langenhagen, Germany, 20 March 2024

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has today revealed the successors of its award-winning bizhub i-Series MFPs (multifunctional printers) and SFPs (single function printers). The extensive new range of 21 devices (seven colour A3, five colour A4, six B/W A3 and three B/W A4), includes features and functionality that places the increased need for security and ease of use in the modern workplace at the forefront.

Enhanced security

Just 11% of organisations with between 250 and 499 employees and 27% with 500 to 999 employees have complete confidence in the security of their print infrastructure, according to the latest Quocirca ‘The Print Security Landscape, 2023’ report. Konica Minolta’s new bizhub i-Series responds to print security concerns with a new advanced firmware upgrade that delivers even greater protection against malicious activity. It provides increased visibility and information of security related topics throughout the organisation, enabling everyone to be more alert and responsive for its protection.

With the new “Authentication Attack Detection” function, it is now possible to block unauthorized attempts deriving from brute force attacks, to crack passwords and other access data, to infiltrate devices from outside. Brute force attacks are a preferred vector by cyber criminals, and they have been reported as growing by 160% annually. In the event of such an attempt being made with the new function in place, the IT admin is informed and can take appropriate action.

If organisations select BitDefender protection, additional layers of security are added for different target groups. It prevents the spread of malware to other networked devices and ensures that the MFP does not become a springboard for the loss of corporate information. In case of a threat detection, the anti-virus makes sure that the IT administrator will be immediately notified with enriched information about the type and origin of the threat, while end-users can see the current state of the anti-virus via the home screen.

Improved ease of use

Every new bizhub i-Series model has an improved and even more intuitive user interface. Applications can now be grouped into folders by theme or by frequency of use, using Drag & Drop, similar to smartphones. This facilitates quick access, especially when there are many applications. In addition, useful functions which are used very often and had previously to be installed via the MarketPlace, are now preinstalled as standard thus increasing user convenience.

The new models also simplify the login process for customers using Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Entra ID) or Google Workspace and offer the opportunity to connect to their files or folders with the use of single sign-on (SSO).

The option to add four trays, or a maximum of three optional trays for the A4 devices, increases paper capacity, ensuring that more different media can be processed in one print job as well as reducing the frequency with which media needs to be replenished. At the same time, the “Automatic Media Detection” function, which is available optionally for the A3 devices (except bizhub C451i, bizhub C551i, bizhub C651i and bizhub C751i for which it is standard), has been improved. The detection is based on sensors, both ultrasonic (for envelopes) and optical sensors (based on the amount of the transmitted and reflected light). This enables the device to automatically detect the type of paper (plain, thin, thick, envelope, recycled, coated, index and coloured) that is being printed on, resulting in a smooth paper feed.

Olaf Lorenz, General Manager, International Marketing Division at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, states, “We are continuing to rethink the way multifunctional devices work for businesses, so the new bizhub i-Series takes productivity further. It’s even more intuitive and simple to use, easily adapting to the specific needs of any workplace. Enhanced security features mean users will always be safe in the knowledge that their information is protected.”

The new devices in the bizhub i-Series are:

A3 colour: bizhub C251i, bizhub C301i, bizhub C361i, bizhub C451i, bizhub C551i, bizhub C651i, bizhub C751i
A3 BW: bizhub ​301i​, bizhub 361i, bizhub 451i, bizhub 551i, bizhub 651i, bizhub 751i
A4 colour: bizhub C3301i, bizhub C3321i, bizhub C3351i, bizhub C4001i, bizhub C4051i​,
A4 BW: bizhub 4051i, bizhub 4701i, bizhub 4751i​

SOURCE Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe