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Document Management Reinvents Shipping Logistics

Drayage, cross-docking and transloading are a few of the services GSC Logistics supplies to importers and exporters throughout California. These industry-specific terms just hint at the complexity of the record-keeping that ensures the 200 owner-operators who drive trucks for GSC are road worthy. GSC archives daily driving logs and vehicle maintenance records as well as each driver’s license, DMV records and proof of insurance. Mix in the regulatory requirements of [...]

Document Management – The White Unicorn of the Office Equipment Industry

By: Gregory Brisco, Dove Print Solutions Historically “Document Management” has been one of those white unicorns in the office equipment industry. Everyone talks about it, some claim to have seen/done it, while the naysayers doubt its true existence. According to the Association for Information & Image Management, document management is defined as “the use of a computer system & software to store, manage, and track electronic documents & images of [...]

From File Rooms to Luxury Rooms

Two Lexus dealerships transform their file rooms into luxury cafes and boutiques after cutting down on paper storage with digitized processes Digitizing deal jackets, repair orders and other business documents enabled two major Lexus dealerships to eliminate storage for paper files. As a result, the dealerships reconfigured former file rooms into a complimentary coffee bar and a luxury boutique. These welcoming spaces improve the customer experience creating a key differentiator, [...]

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