SAN DIEGOJuly 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses and public spaces everywhere are looking for ways to reopen safely. San Diego-based Fluid Sound, an audio-visual design and installation company, is collaborating strategically with leaders in technology including OneScreen and leveraging solutions from industry leaders including Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to facilitate and support communities to reopen safely. For local businesses, Fluid Sound installed GoSafe, a body temperature and facial recognition scanner with built-in AI and live on-screen help. GoSafe supports smooth operations at any point of entry by scanning for signs of fever and verifying that everyone who enters is wearing a mask.

Dennis Pappenfus, CEO of Fluid Sound remarked, “Our customers started reaching out to us to help them solve some of the problems that they were facing trying to get their businesses reopened.”  The Southwest, particularly Southern California, is known for busy shopping streets and popular outdoor events. All that went away when COVID-19 changed the country in ways no one predicted.

For Fluid Sound, returning to normal safely has become a very personal mission. “I’ve got a seventy-year-old mother at home,” Pappenfus said. “I need to be careful about where I go and what I do. It always makes me feel a lot more comfortable when I see businesses adhering to good safety practices.”

The larger issue is about adapting to challenges like these in the future, according to OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir, “Public safety and economic security are part of the same fabric. You really can’t have one without the other. Cities want to thoughtfully reopen, employees want to go back to work, organizations want to serve the public and that has to happen as safely as possible.”

GoSafe has many applications across the Southwest, covering entry points at office buildings, schools, hotels, events, transportation hubs and public locations. GoSafe integrates with automatic doors and incorporates the Qualcomm® MSM8953 System-on-Chip (SoC), including the Qualcomm® AI Engine, for on-device intelligence, high performance and security.

About Fluid Sound

Fluid Sound’s mission is to make AudioVisual (AV) technology as easy as it can and should be. They design, install, integrate and service top of the line audio visual systems. The Fluid Sound team includes AV contractors with a background in construction management and AV specialists with a background in programming. Visit the Fluid Sound website to learn more.

About OneScreen

When collaboration technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. OneScreen Hubware and software solutions facilitate the way collaborators need to flow between work tools and access a variety of content, data, and people to be continuously productive. Headquartered in California, OneScreen has offices in the United StatesPakistanColombiaMexico, UAE, UK and Canada. All of your collaboration tools are right here. Learn more at

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