Holmdel, New Jersey (September 8, 2021) – etherFAX today announced the release of its etherFAX Remote Integration Module. The etherFAX™ Remote Integration Service (ERIS) is a development tool that automates the processing of job files (via drop directory) and is an alternative to using an application programming interface (API). ERIS provides support for many off-the-shelf products like RightFax, GFI FaxMaker, e-mail/SMTP, Epic web services, and many others. ERIS is a containerized application that can help clients easily replace many local fax server functions.

Ideal for any organization utilizing an existing fax server for routing, ERIS requires no infrastructure, no heavy-lifting, and eliminates the complexity associated with traditional ‘rip-and-replace’ fax server applications. ERIS is a lightweight Docker container that supports Windows, Linux, and Mac installations. As a platform independent .NET Core 5 solution, ERIS supports all data center and hosted service installations.

“ERIS was built to be flexible enough to handle several different types of applications without the need for complicated fax server technology boards, or developers writing and compiling code to integrate with complex APIs,” said Robert Cichielo, CTO and founder of etherFAX.

ERIS supports use cases such as email to fax, and fax to email, allowing the user to send an email with an attachment without the complicated set-up of a fax server desktop client. Users can also receive inbound faxes to an email address by setting up and defining different routes within the ERIS portal. Likewise, ERIS supports use cases with printers and MFPs. Routing can be set-up to print inbound faxes directly to a printers IP address or utilize fax-to-email on MFPs without native integration into etherFAX.

The etherFAX Remote Integration Service also supports two key use cases related to enhancing workflow and automation: file drop and third-party application tie-ins. ERIS can create outbound jobs and drop it to a ‘watch’ folder, and it can create an inbound job routing queue that can send to different file drops or work queues. For example, ERIS can route a document to a specific department file drop location (folder) or to a specific email address, or even to a specific device. This allows companies to remove the manual burden of a human operator reviewing inbound messages and assigning them to various work queues. Through our third-party application support, ERIS can also perform specific actions or invoke executables with the control file as an image. This feature could be utilized with EMRs, such as Epic, to automate executable workflows.

To learn more about ERIS, visit the corresponding page: http://www.etherfax.net/solutions/eris