Holmdel, New Jersey (October 18, 2022) – etherFAX today announced its integration with Slack. Users can now utilize etherFAX’s DirectFax Messenger to send and receive faxes and other business documents seamlessly and securely within Slack. With DirectFax, users can transmit digital, high-resolution, and rich color documents to other applications within the etherFAX ecosystem as well as traditional fax machines.

Whether employees are working remotely or in the office, collaboration via Slack is at an all-time high. To keep employees engaged and productive, it’s imperative to reduce app switching – which often leads to app fatigue and redundant documentation. With etherFAX’s DirectFax Messenger integration, users can leverage the collaborative features within Slack without having to change their existing workflows.

“We’re committed to supporting evolving IT and business needs with innovative solutions and new app integrations,” said Paul Banco, CEO and co-founder of etherFAX. “Organizations can now use our DirectFax Messenger integration for Slack to support remote workforces, improve business processes, and scale their document exchange operations.”

DirectFax Messenger allows Slack users to securely send and receive faxes and other business documents via etherFAX’s Secure Exchange Network (SEN), a patented Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. etherFAX SEN is the world’s largest fax network, leveraging hybrid-cloud technology to provide 100 percent secure communications.

As a digital solution, etherFAX does not require a fax server or additional software. DirectFax Messenger can be installed for each Slack user one-on-one or can be installed in an existing channel. etherFAX’s DirectFax Slack integration also allows incoming documents to be routed to specific Slack channels. This automated digital workflow ensures the right team members receive the right information.

Learn more about etherFAX’s DirectFax Messenger integration for Slack on the corresponding product page: https://www.etherfax.net/app-integrations