etherFAX Allows Users to Transfer Faxes via their Microsoft Office 365 Account Without Changing a Single Workflow

Holmdel, New Jersey (June 7, 2022) – etherFAX today announced it has released new functionality that allows users to send a fax using their Microsoft Office 365 email account. Now, users can transfer documents from anywhere, at any time, without having to be in front of a fax machine and without having to utilize desktop fax server software.

etherFAX has changed what it means to ‘fax’ by replacing traditional fax communication with hybrid-cloud fax technology to manage business communications. etherFAX provides organizations with an off-ramp from legacy telephony faxing and an on-ramp to interoperability and integration through its secure document exchange platform. etherFAX can eliminate the need for costly fax boards, media gateways, and other telephony infrastructure, allowing users to replace fax with etherFAX.

“We continually strive to alter the meaning of faxing,” said Paul Banco, CEO, and co-founder of etherFAX. “The days of two modems hissing at each other are long over. We meet users where they are, instead of asking users to change workflows or behaviors. Our email to fax solution for Office 365 is another example of how etherFAX’s hybrid-cloud fax technology allows users to simply and securely exchange business-critical documents,” added Banco.

etherFAX’s email-to-fax and fax-to-email functionalities allow users to be mobile, rather than tied to an office to send or receive a fax. Not only does this add to the convenience of an ever-growing mobile workforce, it also saves time by allowing users to send and receive documents from anywhere. etherFAX’s email faxing solutions also save organizations money, as ‘paper-based’ faxing, toner cartridges, and, most importantly, bulky fax servers can be eliminated, along with the associated telephony charges and expensive costs to install and maintain. etherFAX’s email faxing solutions adhere to the company’s focus on security by enforcing TLS across the communication channel and supporting S/MIME encryption when receiving faxes via email.