MaxMD and etherFAX Enable Healthcare Interoperability and Improve Data Quality by Converting Paper-Based Faxes into Direct Secure Messages

April 4, 2023 – etherFAX today announced its partnership with MaxMD, a leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions. Together, MaxMD and etherFAX are enabling healthcare organizations to improve care coordination by providing innovative solutions that convert paper-based faxes into Direct Secure Messages.

etherFAX provides the off-ramp from fax and the on-ramp to interoperability℠ with its WEAVE™ solution suite. Powerful data extraction transforms unstructured documents, such as PDFs, faxes, and paper-based forms, into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into applications, therefore reducing manual data entry and improving data quality. WEAVE™ Direct, developed with MaxMD, converts faxes into Direct Secure Messages that can be seamlessly ingested and integrated into EHRs and workflows, allowing tasks such as indexing patient records, scheduling, and referrals to be automated.

“The timely and secure exchange of health information is critical to patient care,” said Paul Banco, CEO and co-founder of etherFAX. “We’re proud to partner with MaxMD and deliver innovative solutions that allow healthcare organizations to easily and securely share, access, and analyze protected health information.”

“As part of our partnership with etherFAX, we are enabling organizations to make better use of business-critical information and PHI to improve patient outcomes,” said Scott Finlay, CEO of MaxMD said. “Direct Secure Messaging gives healthcare organizations the freedom to be in charge of their data and how it will be shared.”

“Applying new technology is often a business challenge, yet etherFAX and MaxMD provide solutions that easily integrate with existing workflows,” said Lisa Nelson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at MaxMD.

Leveraging its foundation of trust-in-identity, the interoperability of Direct Secure Messaging allows disparate systems to securely exchange both structured and unstructured data. The DirectTrust network is spam-proof and spoof-proof, ensuring the identity of those coordinating care. With Direct Secure Messaging, MaxMD secures data using the standards of push technology plus PKI for encryption and decryption.

etherFAX’s secure, cloud-based, and encrypted data exchange solutions operate in a HIPAA and SOC 2® compliant environment that is both HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS certified. By offering a seamless transition from legacy network solutions such as those that rely on expensive telephony equipment and the PSTN, etherFAX enables organizations to save time, money, and resources. Additionally, its Secure Exchange Network (SEN) allows for 100% secure communications and end-to-end encryption between etherFAX’s connected endpoints.

As a cloud-based solution, etherFAX does not require a fax server or additional software. etherFAX and MaxMD can be easily integrated into existing workflows and customized to meet specific customer requirements.