FREMONT, California — March 02, 2021 — Newly launched service provider Kapture Marketing in Rogers, Arkansas, is efficiently operating and driving automation for key tasks using the Quick Print Suite business and management production workflow from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. The Rogers, Arkansas-based company’s new suite consists of EFI™ PrintSmith™ Vision MIS software and EFI MarketDirect StoreFront web-to-print/eCommerce capabilities deployed together to manage and automate a robust, integrated marketing and production services operation.

The firm, which opened its doors in early January, offers the full creative services of a marketing firm with the additional capabilities of print production as well – including but not limited to rebranding, design, direct mail and printed signage. According to Kapture Marketing CEO Andi Pratt, “We bring together everything from marketing, design, execution, and analysis to help small to mid-sized companies, such as independent real estate agents and teams, rebrand and market themselves. These companies provide services as good as their larger competitors but might not be able to justify using an agency. We fill that gap to help them succeed.”

Start-up success with an EFI digital production workflow

Pratt brings 20 years of Fortune 100 marketing experience to the role – much of it work with companies such as Nestle® and Coca-Cola®. Kapture Marketing’s initial client base includes real estate agent teams across the nation. Pratt’s work launching the business, supported by a production management team with decades of print experience, involved meticulous research on adapting effective digital printing and finishing technologies, including wide-format printing and cutting equipment and a Ricoh® Pro C7100X color printer that uses an EFI Fiery® digital front end (DFE). After reviewing possible software solutions to manage the business, Kapture Marketing selected the EFI Quick Print Suite.

Selecting the right software was critical to quickly get our company on its feet and ensuring that our operation remains efficient as we grow,” said Pratt. “The thing that sold us on EFI was the tight integration of PrintSmith Vision and MarketDirect from ordering through shipping for productivity and ease-of-use.”

The suite, especially with its web-to-print capabilities, has helped Kapture Marketing establish an immediate foothold with clients around the nation. “At one month in, we already secured real estate clients from California, New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, New York,” said Pratt. “We’ll expand into new markets with more customers, but for us, customized online portals with efficient production, shipping, and business management are critical.”

Stronger management capabilities with an integrated workflow

Currently, Kapture Marketing is finalizing some of the personalized online storefronts for clients while setting up MarketDirect StoreFront’s SmartCanvas design capabilities and deploying ShipExpress, an automated multi-carrier shipping automation component for the suite. “Simultaneously implementing these systems was the right decision for us,” said Pratt. “It was possible because these packages are so tightly integrated.”

The company has been able to drive efficiencies from the start, with Kapture Marketing’s experienced team utilizing the integration between MarketDirect StoreFront for web-to-print and the PrintSmith Vision MIS used to handle estimating, scheduling, and billing. “Our orders have automatically appeared in PrintSmith Vision in a seamless process from our online portals, starting the day we switched it on,” according to Pratt.

Kapture Marketing will also deliver integrated, fulfillment capabilities with the suite’s ShipExpress multi-carrier parcel shipping management solution. ShipExpress simplifies parcel shipping and management tasks, including the management of a variety of shipping providers. Just as important, the software will also allow Kapture Marketing to be more accurate in tracking expenses, as ShipExpress provides shipping costs in real time, feeding that data, along with tracking numbers, into the PrintSmith Vision MIS.

Kapture Marketing will drive efficiency even further by using the Fiery DFE to integrate its Ricoh printer into the suite workflow. That way the company can quickly route web-to-print jobs through Fiery prepress tools, creating print-ready files ready for the digital press’s print queue. “We don’t expect this to be difficult because of the Fiery DFE,” said Pratt. “All the vendors have their versions out there, but our production team realizes that Fiery is the easiest to use. It just flows with the way you think.”

Rapid, accurate, and high-quality campaign execution

Pratt is excited for the future and how Kapture Marketing is setting itself apart in its comprehensive marketing offering. The company puts in the personal work with clients needed to create the most-effective, strategic branding, and campaign initiatives. And, with its highly automated production workflow, the company can stand apart in its ability to execute its clients’ plans quickly and smoothly, from online design and submission through production and delivery.

Being able to offer our clients the ability to pull the trigger on campaigns and order direct marketing drops, signage, or any other branded materials they need via online ordering is crucial,” she said. “We must then quickly produce and deliver what they order with high quality and rapid responsiveness using a small team. Our integrated workflow from EFI helps to make all of that possible.”

Printing and packaging professionals across the globe rely on EFI’s portfolio of workflow products to manage their businesses and become more streamlined, efficient, informed, and profitable. For more information, visit or contact 800-875-7117.

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