Automated PO feature and two-way integration with D.R. Horton Vendor Suite makes it easier for contractors to manage POs and on-site jobs

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced a new automated purchase order (PO) feature in Bolt™ that reads the content of any builder PO and automatically populates that information into the project management software – eliminating manual entry and ensuring accuracy.

Contractors often find themselves working with multiple builders at a time, each with their own system to communicate to their trade partners. This requires contractors to log into multiple builder portals and print multiple POs from different sources. Bolt’s Builder Communication feature eliminates that time-consuming process by auto-populating all PO information directly into the contractor’s project management software. Contractors simply need to review and accept the PO with a click of a button.

“Bolt’s Builder Communication has saved our office countless hours and errors in data entry and scheduling,” said Bolt customer Josh Causey, VP of C&B Electric. “Everyone has access to the builder’s purchase order, from the time it’s scheduled to completed. Usually, we have to log into multiple builder portals, all of which are different and none were designed with the trades’ processes in mind. By having all the orders in Bolt, it maps onto our workflow and allows our employees to maximize their time.”

ECI has also announced a two-way integration that directly transfers job scheduling, POs, confirmations and completion information between Bolt and D.R. Horton – America’s largest homebuilder. For trade partners working with D.R. Horton builders, project information is automatically exchanged between Bolt and D.R. Horton Vendor Suite so they only need to access one system for all jobs.

“Our goal is to make it easier for contractors who work with home builders, and both of these new features, Builder Communication and the two-way integration with D.R. Horton Vendor Suite, are examples of that,” said Robert Cain, Bolt Business Unit Leader at ECI. “Bolt is a real game-changer for contractors. We’re empowering them with technology and information that they didn’t have access to before. Not only does Bolt simplify the way contractors manage jobs, it helps them work more efficiently with home builders and gives them a better way to manage their business.”

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