New Windsor NY, September 22, 2021 –  DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, today releases findings from their latest survey, indicating that despite the convenience and efficiency of electronic signatures, many organizations in the US have not yet fully implemented the technology, due to myths and misunderstandings.

The survey* of over 1200 business users revealed that businesses overwhelmingly cited efficiency and speed as the top reasons for adopting electronic signatures. But organizations are still missing out on these benefits, with most not having fully adopted the technology. Our survey examines why this is the case and our ebook demonstrate how businesses can quickly implement e-signatures for themselves and be ready for a hybrid workplace

“Electronic signatures are no longer a ‘good to have’ but a vital tool to maintain business continuity,” said Dr. Michael Berger, DocuWare President. “At DocuWare we can help organizations fully embrace the benefits of secure electronic signatures, enabling organizations to seamlessly and securely complete workflow documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

While over 80 percent of respondents indicated they use electronic signatures at least some of the time, they do not use the tool as much as they could – our survey shows that the main obstacles to fully implementing this technology are due to misconceptions and misunderstandings about security, technology, compliance, or forgery.

Key survey findings help explain away some of the myths and fears:

  • Around 44 percent of US respondents cited cyber security issues as the biggest risk for electronic signatures. However, electronic signatures are more secure than paper documents and the use of quality third-party digital signature products, such as those offered by DocuWare, helps to fully secure an organization’s information and signature processes.
  • 12 percent of respondents said the biggest roadblock to electronic signature use in their business was a steep learning curve. However, digital signature tools are as easy to use as an app on your device, and where there may be some setup required to first implement the technology, DocuWare can provide implementation assistance.
  • 29 percent of US respondents noted that changing legal requirements or noncompliance was a factor in implementing electronic signatures. Electronic signatures are now being used in all manner of industries, including highly regulated fields such as healthcare and finance. DocuWare can work with businesses to understand compliance needs and ensure any document management solutions implemented are in line with those requirements.
  • 38 percent of US respondents reported being worried about unauthorized signatures. However, it’s much more likely to get an unauthorized signature with pen-and-paper processes. With an electronic signature, someone must prove that they are who they say they are before they can sign the document. And then the signature and the document are locked in place and can’t be altered, creating a lasting record of the signature.

For a visual overview of our findings, download our infographic here.

DocuWare’s Preconfigured Solutions now offer an Electronic Signature service. Preconfigured Solutions were previously available for Employee Management, Invoice Processing, and Smart Document Control. This new addition to the cloud solution shows DocuWare’s commitment to a paperless office. To get your free demo click here.

For a limited time, DocuWare and Trust Service Provider, Validated ID are offering up to 500 free e-signatures to each new DocuWare Cloud customer. This promotion is for all new customers who sign up from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 and is valid for one year from sign up date on signature type “Remote”.

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*  DocuWare surveyed +1200 people, all of whom have the authority to sign documents for their respective companies in their current job roles.

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