We are one year on in pandemic and multiple global lockdown times! Business leaders seem to be getting more savvy at managing some of the fallout that came with this. Remote work situations were quickly adopted by some businesses, while others struggled hard to replace paper and manual processes with digital ones.

DocuWare was well-positioned to help our partners identify and help these digital laggers. By offering a solution that any business, even one that had never used a document management tool before, could very quickly implement, with little or no IT expertise, we knew we could help more people.

DocuWare for Smart Document Control” was our answer. It offers organizations a simple and quick way to start digital document management. Key functions that remote workers need for secure archiving and productive collaboration are already preconfigured and can start to be used immediately.

It’s a well-known fact that secure collaboration between remote teams is key to business continuity. We had previously rolled out our Secure Document Archiving partly to help organizations prepare for disaster situations. Once COVID hit, we knew we needed to provide a faster way for any business to manage their documents digitally. With scattered workforces possibly here to stay, we no longer have the luxury of hallway conversations that serve as gentle reminders for tasks that need to be done.  We work in more isolated environments and we each need to be on top of our tasks. DocuWare for Smart Document Control is the small step we encourage those businesses new to digitization to take. In a remote environment it helps with the mammoth task of managing documents that come in via email. Using this preconfigured solution, employees can easily coordinate the collaboration and document review process, enforce version control management and have one secure place where the documents can be accessed time and again by one or multiple employees.

We understand that we need to lead the way to digitization in small steps, so that businesses can take more confident giant steps at a later point. We believe Smart Document Control is the right way to get started.

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