By Monday, October 19, 2020

The Canon Colorado 1650 is the second member of the Colorado family at Color Concepts, with a new flexible ink for customers producing applications that need to be folded, wrapped or bent such as framed canvasses, soft signage, front- and back-lit graphics, surface décor applications such as flexible wall coverings, and outdoor applications including vehicle graphics. The Colorado 1650 also features unique FLXfinish technology. This enables customers to choose between gloss or matte effects without the need to change ink or media, offering an even wider range of applications.

Mathieu Peeters, Senior Director Strategic Marketing Large Format Graphics Worldwide at Canon Production Printing, comments: “We‘re working in a dynamic market with constantly evolving application requirements. Our philosophy is to work closely together with our customers and partners to expand the application range with consistent premium quality at the highest productivity, facilitated by the unique UVgel technology. We have teamed up with Color Concepts to become part of their network with media manufacturers in order to test and color-profile a wide range of substrates. Customers will benefit from an increasing number of media manufacturers and applications available for the UVgel ink technology, including matching media profiles.”

Thomas Degenfeld, Strategic Partnership Manager at Color Concepts, adds: “The teams at Color Concepts are excited to contribute to the success story of the UVgel ink technology. With over 1500 installations globally and 16% of the customers printing more than 25,000 square meters per unit per year, we are looking forward to consulting media manufacturers about application opportunities for their respective media range. Our lab engineers had great experience with the Colorado 1640 already and are now fully trained on the Colorado 1650 unique features and print modes.”