Did you know, 76% of Americans say the quality and graphics of the print is what captures their attention? Through vibrant colors and striking visuals, graphic design has an uncanny ability to resonate, permeating our thoughts in a way digital cannot – and this all could not be possible without print’s influence.

Teaming up with industry creators and artists like Canon Explorer of Light Atiba Jefferson, as well as Jade Purple Brown and Magdiel Lopez, the Printed Film Project is an initiative highlighting how the power of print and photography can come together through graphic/digital design, leaving a positive, inspirational impact that resonates with consumers across the globe. All accomplished through 300 hours of consistent printing on four Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 professional inkjet printers, 500+ prints, a full 24-hour day of mounting printed images, one high-quality Canon EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera to film, and the talented artists and creators who participated – the Printed Film Project further showcases how anyone can “print anything you can imagine.”

Print has the power to move and inspire. And when combined with photography, it can even help preserve images to last longer than a moment, expanding an artist’s creativity and providing a memento that can be physically held onto forever. With this in mind, Canon brings its expertise within the digital imaging and printing industries together through the Printed Film Project.

To get a closer look at the project, and how these artists’ and creators’ work achieves additional value when printed on Canon’s high-quality, consistent imagePROGRAF PRO professional photo and fine art inkjet printing technology, check out this video.

Working on anything related to the combined power of print and photography, especially as seen through graphic/digital design? Happy to connect you with a Canon U.S.A., Inc. spokesperson to provide additional insights into the Printed Film Project.