Innovative temperature screening solution now prints real-time authentication labels for added safety and assurance in back to work, back to school and a wide array of commercial operations

LOUISVILLE, Ky & WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Creative Realities Inc. (NASDAQ: CREX, CREXW), a provider of technology solutions to enhance the consumer experience, announced today that the Brother Mobile Solutions TD-2 series printers are now available as part of the ‘Safe Space’ Thermal Temperature Solution. This contactless solution is designed to help promote safety in the workplace or community by instantly performing real-time fever checks, prior to an employee, vendor or visitor entering an establishment.

The addition of the Brother printer to the Safe Space solution will enable instant printing of identification labels / badges that can be worn to display as validation that a person has ‘passed’ the temperature screening and COVID-19 screening questions, allowing greater peace of mind and safety for employees and consumers alike.

The Safe Space Solution pairs elegant hardware and devices with powerful software to provide a comprehensive and yet intuitive technology solution for thermal temperature testing. It is designed to support applications such as the return to work or school, as well as safe visits to healthcare or government agencies, hospitality venues or any type of manufacturing, warehouse – or even retail environments. It is a centralized, AI-enabled software platform that supports virtually all workflows and requirements, and scales easily for enterprise deployment.

Widely Embraced by Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprise Corporations

“The Thermal Mirror is a non-contact temperature measurement solution that has been widely embraced by businesses of all sorts as they adjust to newly implemented health guidelines to help corporations manage the safety requirements associated with the Pandemic,” said Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer of CRI. “Our collaboration with key partners such as Brother Mobile Solutions makes the solution even more appealing to all types of heavily trafficked businesses and agencies that want to demonstrate how committed they are to maintaining a healthy workplace.”

He continued, “COVID-19 is reshaping the way businesses evaluate and manage the health of their employees and customers. Temperature screening is one of the most widespread practices used to help curtail the spread of the virus, and to that end, the Safe Space solution with CRI Thermal Mirror is an easy-to-deploy solution that enables contact-free forehead temperature inspection with reliable accuracy within 0.5˚C/0.9˚F.”

Solution at a Glance

The CRI Safe Space Thermal Temperature Solution is comprised of several key components – the Thermal Mirror freestanding kiosk, and optional display and interactive tablets.

The solution also incorporates the TD-2 series desktop thermal printers from Brother Mobile Solutions, offering a powerful and extremely versatile option for creating up to 2” labels or badges that can be worn or displayed following the temperature screening. With a compact footprint and available rechargeable battery packs, these powerful desktop models integrate seamlessly into the turn-key solution. The printed label provides a ‘visual peace of mind’ for employees, staff and customers along with proof and authentication that user passed the temperature test, therefore providing confidence and compliance that all those inside, have been screened and cleared to enter. The label can automatically calibrate to today’s date, and be configured to print the company, agency or establishment’s logo for branding. In addition, the solution can double as a Visitor Management System.

“Brother Mobile Solutions is excited to be working with CRI to bring the Safe Space Thermal Temperature Solution to market at a critical time. This innovative temperature screening solution is a true asset in safety testing that’s well-suited to back-to-school or -work, as well as many other commercial operations,” said David Crist, President of Brother Mobile Solutions. “Brother is part of a real-time solution to help enterprises of all sizes enhance the safety and compliance of their workplace.”

Useful Safety Solution for Office, School or Commercial Settings

The Safe Space Thermal Mirror can be particularly useful in office settings where employee temperature checks are required for entry. Facial recognition is used to catalogue employees as they enter the workplace, logging their temperature, time of entry and other key compliance requirements. Devices can be stationed at multiple entry points, all of which feed data to a centralized database accessible to HR, Legal and other key personnel via an intuitive dashboard. Employers can configure data capture to suit their specific needs, with the option of activating AI-enabled capabilities smart enough to detect patterns, trends or other important indicators.

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