ROCHESTER, N.Y., 20 April 2022 – Kodak Alaris has announced that an exclusive interview with its President & General Manager Don Lofstrom will air on FOX Business Network on Sunday, April 24, at 5:30pm EDT. Kathy Ireland’s interview with Lofstrom will explore how Kodak Alaris leverages decades of imaging expertise to transform how companies process and organize their information.

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is an award-winning television series that takes an in-depth look at companies around the world and explores how their products, solutions, and services are impacting different sectors of business and society. Lofstrom explains how Kodak Alaris’ document scanners, data capture software, and professional services help organizations simplify their digital transformation efforts.

Kodak Alaris continues to focus on quality and innovation to help companies improve their operational speed, accuracy, and profitability. One example Lofstrom cites is the adoption of “system on a chip” architecture, in which the image processing is done directly on the scanner. This capability significantly reduces the burden on a system PC, which would otherwise need to process those operations.

Lofstrom also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for organizations that needed to get documents and data to remote employees quickly and securely. “Our latest innovation, the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution, offers network-connected information capture that sits at the front edge of an organization’s business process and connects directly into a line of business system.”

“The solution is designed to integrate with enterprise applications like document management systems, workflow automation, and ERP systems. Therefore, we continue to develop strategic partnerships with system integrators, independent software vendors, and other value-added resellers. They’ve found that with INfuse, they can improve business process speed and accuracy and ultimately provide more value to their end-users.”

Lofstrom predicts that the next wave of digital transformation will center around organizations that are responding to the new realities of remote work and decentralized operations. “Information enters an organization from multiple sources, and it all needs to flow into a common process. The combination of our document scanners, advanced data capture software and professional services places us in a unique position to be that digital on-ramp, which is why we say Kodak Alaris is where digital transformation starts.”

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