The holidays are a reflective time. It’s the season for opening hearts and wallets to philanthropic causes near and dear to us, while providing a meaningful boost to the benefactor. Some industries, such as the office technology sector, collectively take on a specific endeavor. For vendors and dealers in the business solutions space, they have rallied to support The Jillian Fund. Per the Jillian fund website, “The Jillian Fund was founded in July 2013 by a group of inspired and caring individuals who set forth to fulfill a simple wish: to help families in need. The inspiration comes directly from Jillian, who leading by example, reached out and gave strength and encouragement to young children and teenagers in need. As of November 2019, the fund has raised more than $2 million and helped 187 families”.

One business solutions dealer that is moved to give back to their community and the Jillian Fund is Stone’s Office Equipment, based in Richmond, Virginia. The President of Stone’s Office Equipment, Sam Stone, and his employees raise money to support the CKG Foundation, the Henrico Fire Foundation, Henrico Police Foundation, the Virginia State Police Association, and the Patriot Pack, a group of industry leaders who ride across the country to raise money for the Jillian Fund. Phil Boatman, Business Alliance Manager at Lexmark, says, “Stone’s Office Equipment is just a cut above everybody else. It is because of the people.”

This year we celebrate and thank those that honor their communities and endorse important charitable work by aiding, supporting, and offering time to uplift these organizations. It is through their contributions, dedication, and ‘giving back with love’ that others are uplifted and receive needed help.

See Stone’s Office Equipment’s video that exemplifies the good work they do for a greater cause and how community alliance can make a difference for so many.



Video produced by Tachlock Video