Raynham, MA- After over 2 years of construction, the new CET Technology Center was completed and grandly opened on October 16th, 2018. The new facility is located in Cao Feidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province and covers an area of 980,000-plus-square-feet. The facility adopts the world’s leading inventory system and advanced automatic production lines to further improve production capacity, product quality, and provide more reliable and high-quality products and services to customers around the world. The celebration took place both in Beijing and at the factory facility in Cao Feidian. More than 200 customers and suppliers from the global OA imaging industry, Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperation, and Mitsubishi Chemical High-technical Cooperation attended the celebration.

The grand opening ceremony started with the ribbon cutting ceremony at the CET Imaging Technology Center. Leaders from the government of Cao Feidian District and the CET senior management team cut the ribbon together, signifying that CET has started a new journey to an exciting future. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr. Steven Ma, the President of CET, announced that CET is launching a new CET land development project facing the Technology Center. The new CET Industrial Park will cover 12.9 million square feet, and will be used for the production of pulverized toner. The leaders from the government of Cao Feidian District, delegates from Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperation together with CET senior managers marked the new venture with a Foundation Laying Ceremony. CET celebrated the new endeavor with an elaborate fireworks display. After the ceremonies, guests were invited to visit the new CET Imaging Technology Center. In addition to the establishment of a new R&D and testing center, CET also expanded the production area, so that capacity is now 1.3 times that of the previous facility. The new warehouses cover an area of more than 86,160 square feet and use the WMS intelligent warehouse and picking system that will greatly improve shipping efficiency, creating even more value for CET customers.

During the afternoon ceremony at the International Investment Promotion Conference of Cao Feidian District, Mr. Steven Ma, CET President and CEO addressed the guests. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the government of Tangshan City for their support of CET. In his remarks, Steven mentioned that in this new age of scientific and industrial revolution, CET will follow the national strategy and adopt the most scientific management concepts to achieve industrial automation and modernization in the new technology center. Mr. Ma commented that CET will continue to produce high-quality products for its worldwide customer base, and stimulate innovative potential and market vitality! Next, Kakikura San, the President of Mitsubishi Chemical High-technical Cooperation and delegates from the foreign-owned enterprise of Cao Feidian Region all expressed their best wishes to CET.

The celebration continued back in Beijing in the evening. The party began with a video which captured the inspirational story of Mr. Steven Ma and the history of CET. A subsequent video presentation showed the progress of the Imaging Technology Center from conception to completion. At the end of the video, the new land for the production of pulverized toner was also shown. Aikawa San, the Executive Officer, Division General Manager of Information and Electronics Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperation also spoke explaining that CET has established a branch company, CET Japan in Naoetsu, and next year plans to produce pulverized toner using the technology and equipment of Mitsubishi.

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With the opening of the CET Imaging Technology Center and the launch of the new CET land development project, CET will keep growing and making contributions towards the further development of the OA imaging industry. In the future, CET will continue adopting new technology and creating endless value for its global customers and friends.

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