It was recently reported that Russia has tightened its environmental regulations and now has compliance intentions that are similar to the European Union. Later this year, Russia will also adopt REACH requirements for toxicity. Static Control sees this as a welcome change for the area as these regulations help ensure a cleaner future.

Static Control has spent many resources through the years to be able to provide the industry’s best compatible cartridge, not just in performance, but also in compliance. Our manufacturing operations have always met global standards that ensure we provide environmentally responsible products.

However, even with the best-laid plans, things can happen. In late 2018, it was discovered that a small number of Static Control cartridges tested positive for decaBDE, a fire retardant that is used in recycled plastics but was finally prohibited by the European Union for its RoHS standards in March 2019. Static Control underwent the process of testing our entire product line, including components. Suppliers were reviewed, vetted and our agreements were strengthened to prevent this from happening again. We also continuously perform random product testing to ensure that suppliers are meeting their end of the agreement.

Static Control offers a compliant, clean cartridge line while other suppliers are only now checking their supply chain and rushing to test their cartridges.  Static Control has already conducted the necessary measures needed to not only have a cartridge offering that meets RoHS and REACH regulations but any applicable regional environmental standards.

The expansion of environmental regulations is a necessary change due to the rampant use of decaBDE in plastics in keeping costs down. Plastics that do not contain decaBDE cost an average of 20% more than non-compliant plastics. In recent years, toners have also become more scrutinized as other potentially regulated additives have been discovered, such as formaldehyde. Static Control’s toners met all local environmental standards throughout Europe.

Also, it is important to note that Static Control has in-house legal and technical compliance teams that review its products from a legal and environmental standpoint to bring you the most IP-considerate and environmentally compliant cartridge range.

To learn more about some of Static Control’s global requirements, read their blog which covers many of the regionalized environmental standards HERE.

As Russia deepens its commitment to the environment by requiring more stringent standards to be met, Static Control also encourages customers to conduct their due diligence on the best solutions for their business.