SCHAUMBURG, IL, Issued May 18, 2023…Pulse Technology (, a technology company serving the IT, Managed Print Services, and other needs of businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond, has replanted 4,539 trees through its partnership with PrintReleaf.

Through  the program, Pulse Technology has the chance to help their customers not only save on the bottom line cost-per-page price of generating documents but also to help sustain and grow the global forestry system.

PrintReleaf is a software platform that Pulse Technology implemented in October 2021. PrintReleaf measures a customer’s paper consumption and automates equivalent certified reforestation across a network of global forestry projects.

PrintReleaf at minimum neutralizes a customer’s forest impact as a result of printing. In some cases, however, PrintReleaf creates a net-positive impact on the environment for the customer, meaning that the customer is planting more trees than it consumes. Participating companies, for example, may already consume recycled paper, sourced sustainably, and recycle after use, which may have a net-neutral forest impact. Incorporating PrintReleaf on top of these measures can result in a net-positive forest impact.

Pulse Technology’s partnership with PrintReleaf enabling them to participate in this certification system and platform to help companies offset their paper usage. A year ago, in April 2022, six months after initiating the partnership with PrintReaf, Pulse Technology’s efforts had resulted in the replanting of 2,151 trees. In the year since, that number has increased by 2,400 trees.

The PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) is a patented software platform through which businesses can sustain and grow the global forestry system, one print job at a time. Through the arrangement with Pulse Technology, customers can select the managed forestry projects they wish to support.

“We are strong advocates for conservation,” said Pulse Technology CEO Chip Miceli. He continued, “With eighteen months into this partnership, the work between us and our customers has resulted in the replanting of more than 4500 trees. This is a vivid example of how paper conservation and Managed Print Services can work together. It is great to be able to give back to the environment.”

PrintReleaf is a third-party certified, secure, automated platform that provides companies with an effortless way of moving toward sustainability, providing tracking and reporting data so that reforestation results can be shared.

Through this program, Pulse customers have the option to ‘releaf’ their paper consumption using  patented technology which measures total paper consumption and converts that total into an equivalent number of trees that are automatically and certifiably planted around the world. Pulse customers can then choose their reforestation sites and track their ongoing impact with their own PrintReleaf portal.

Companies interested in participating are urged to contact Pulse Technology for more information, [email protected].

About Pulse Technology

Pulse Technology is a leader in the field of print management, network services (IT), and other office solutions including furniture design and sales, office products, mailing equipment and their supplies, as well as custom and promotional products, with a history dating back to 1955. Pulse Technology is the re-branded name for several well-known area businesses: Des Plaines Office Equipment, McShane’s, and Kramer Leonard. With locations in Merrillville, IN, Rockford and Schaumburg, IL, Pulse Technology serves the needs of businesses across the Midwest.

The firm provides products and services to a diverse client base that includes schools, hospitals, law offices, accounting firms, and financial institutions, among others. The firm has won the Sharp Document’s Hyakuman Kai award for sales excellence since 1988 and the Elite Dealer by The Week in Imaging since 2007 and has been named to the Inc. 5000 list for fastest-growing businesses across the United States. Pulse Technology has also won the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award, and the ENX Magazine Difference Maker recognition. For additional information, please call 847-879-6400 or visit Or visit the Pulse Technology LinkedIn page at

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