Montreal, Canada. Thursday, November 20th, 2020. Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation solutions, is proud to work with renowned commercial and book printer, NINO Druck GmbH. The German print company believes in delivering first-class quality product to their customers, and their investments in the latest printing technologies are aligned with this vision. By integrating Ultimate imposition solution, NINO Druck were able to grow their on-demand book production by connecting HP Indigo Digital Presses to Meccanotecnica Universe Sewing via Ultimate Impostrip® advanced barcode technology.

Workflow Automation is Key
NINO Druck highlights the importance of workflow automation to keep and strengthen their competitive position on the German commercial print market: ‘’The full automation from the shop order at least to the printing press is imperative for us.’’ says Holger Holzhauer, Technical Manager. ‘’It is the only way to react adequately to the increasingly difficult market conditions. With Same Day, Next Day deliveries, there is no longer any freedom to have data processed individually by employees.’’

To achieve such standards, NINO Druck relies on two HP Indigo 7900 and an HP Indigo 12000 digital presses. In their book bindery department, they also have all the necessary finishing devices to produce on-demand books such as folding machines, cutting systems and book lines, like a Meccanotecnica Universe Sewing device. Ultimate Impostrip®, combined with an MIS software and Enfocus Switch, ties this workflow together to maximize efficiencies for on-demand digital printing, from order entry to finishing.

Barcode Technology for Finishing
A few years ago, one of NINO Druck customers had to produce personalized diaries and notebooks in ultra-short runs. They asked for the books to withstand at least one year of daily use and wear. To guarantee such durability, NINO Druck invested in the Meccanotecnica Universe Sewing. The particularity of this thread sewing machine is the mandatory barcode control: ‘’At the time, our prepress software did not allow barcode editing as required by the machine manufacturer, thus we needed to find a quick solution that could do it.’’ reveals Holzhauer.

NINO Druck turned to Meccanotecnica who recommended Ultimate Impostrip® as the go-to solution to generate the impositions with the proper barcodes for their equipment. NINO Druck GmbH trusted Impressed, Ultimate Reseller and worldwide reference for Enfocus implementations:  ‘’Impressed confirmed several running systems in the field and so it was clear for us to go this safe and working way.’’

‘’On-demand printing is shaping the printing industry. Print service providers have grown to adjust to changes in modern printing and better serve their customers, and NINO Druck is a good example’’ says Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® provides an effective and easy-to-implement solution to automate the production of short and ultra-short runs on HP Indigo equipment all the way to finishing.’’

Today, NINO Druck relies on Ultimate Impostrip® to automatically generate the imposition with barcodes to produce all their layflat binding books. The unique barcode capability of Ultimate Impostrip® allows them to seamlessly drive their Meccanotecnica Universe Sewing Machine.  Holger Holzhauer concludes: ‘’We are very satisfied with the functionality of Ultimate Impostrip®. Above delivering printed product, we are becoming solutions partners to our customers, and this is what mostly set us apart from other local printers.’’

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