Mito Colour Imaging Co., Ltd., has announced the launch of its new alternative toner kits designed for OKI’s LED printers.

Mito has just unveiled its two remanufactured alternative toner kits OKI-C612 and OKI-C712, created to be compatible with OKI’s reliably speedy LED printers, specifically the C600 and C700 series. The printer models the toner kits will be compatible with include the OKI C612n, the C612dn, the C712n and the C712dn.

The OKI-C612 toner kit offers a page yield of 8,000 pages for mono cartridges and 6,000 for colour cartridges, while the OKI-C712 alternative kit gives a higher yield, of 11,000 pages for mono cartridges and 11,500 pages for colour.

Both toner kits, according to Mito, are comparable with the products produced by the OEM in terms of both printing quality and page yield.

OKI’s C612 and C712 A4 colour printers are predicted to be popular on the market, as they are designed to be ideal for both individual and workplace use. Their features include a rapid print speed and a high quality of paper handling with high definition color technology, which means they are well-suited to producing in-house marketing materials.