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ITEX 2019 Announces New Additions for the Event – Exploring Additional Ways to ‘Own the Office, Piece by Piece’

ITEX 2019 has officially announced the theme of ‘Own the Office, Piece by Piece’, due to the ever-increasing demand for Business Solution Providers to master all areas within the office technology industry. ITEX 2019 will feature two new pieces in the puzzle, showcasing the hottest topics in the industry: Reseller Automation and Smart Office. These two topics will attract new attendees and exhibitors to the show. Along with Reseller Automation [...]

Collabrance’s Greg VanDeWalker Highlights Transitioning from an MSP to an MSSP

Many dealers today are slowly making the transition from being an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). Clients are always seeking a dealer who has a vast array of service offerings—from Managed IT to security and more. As more and more technology is implemented, security is a priority when it comes to keeping client's data safe and secure. ITEX 365 sat down with Greg VanDeWalker, [...]

How the Smart Office Can Make Your Company’s Security Air-Tight

Security measures are a given in most every office, and the core underlying technologies utilized to secure your space—surveillance, alarm systems, and access control—haven’t changed all that much in recent years. Cameras, alarms, and locks aren’t new, but they are getting smarter. Smart Office security measures connect your traditional security systems to apps that can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet. This mobile approach to office security enhances the [...]

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