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How the Smart Office Can Make Your Company’s Security Air-Tight

Security measures are a given in most every office, and the core underlying technologies utilized to secure your space—surveillance, alarm systems, and access control—haven’t changed all that much in recent years. Cameras, alarms, and locks aren’t new, but they are getting smarter. Smart Office security measures connect your traditional security systems to apps that can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet. This mobile approach to office security enhances the [...]

Unleash the Benefits of the Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an innovative and valuable upgrade for a home HVAC system. Conventional thermostats are pretty basic: they keep your house at whatever temperature you set, and it pretty much stays there forever. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, can do much more: they evaluate the temperature and humidity outside and inside your home, and they learn (or can be programmed to follow) your routine, lowering your energy [...]

“The Future is Already Here”: Brother International Corp’s Dan Waldinger’s Perspective on the Smart Office

ITEX Education Exposition and ITEX 365 have been exploring the future of the workplace, also known as the "Smart Office". The Smart Office encompasses similar technology implemented within the "Smart Home", but rather, in the workplace. Brother International Corp. is an OEM that is exploring various components of the Smart Office, specifically mobility, security, pull printing, apps, BYOD, and more. Below is an interview overview, written by Keypoint Intelligence's Christine [...]

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