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Customer Spotlight: DocuWare Cloud Caters to Culinaire’s Workflow Automation Needs

Culinaire International manages the food service and catering operations at high-end event venues, hotels, museum cafés, and restaurants at art centers and theaters from 30 remote locations across the U.S. as well as offering consulting services. The company is committed to using local farms and resources, reducing their carbon footprint and recycling, reusing and re-purposing. Their paper-based accounting process didn’t reflect these core values. Each remote location sent in a [...]

Processes That Your Human Resources Department Can Automate with Workflow Automation Software

The modern Human Resources department is a bustling environment that requires the coordination of multiple tasks that revolve around email, phone, video conference, and face-to-face meetings. Human Resources departments handle employee requests, employee onboarding and offboarding, performance reviews, hiring screenings, employee trainings, company policy updates, and much more. As this department continues to evolve with the influx of the millennial workforce, many companies are turning to workflow automation software, a [...]

The Most Common Mistakes MSPs Urge You to Avoid

Any successful business has gone through a reasonable amount of trial and error to find out what tactics are effective. Within the managed services industry, no handbook of rights and wrongs exists—partially because this is a newer industry that hasn't been around very long. As managed services has transitioned into telecom, Managed IT, and now Smart Office and Reseller Automation, new opportunities to expand service and product offerings are available [...]

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