Facebook Revamps Business Pages—Tips for BSPs!

Facebook is overhauling its Pages feature to help local businesses combat oversaturation and better connect with customers. The social media giant announced they have taken steps to make it even easier for users to interact with small businesses on the platform. These steps include:

• Redesigning pages on mobile devices to make interactions—such as recommendations, making appointments, and placing orders—easier through a prominently featured suite of action buttons.
• Expanding their Stories feature to Pages, so businesses can create and share content with their users and engage followers.
• Increasing the visibility of Page Stories by enabling users to view businesses’ stories by tapping on the profile photo of their Page.
• Providing businesses the ability to display customized information, such as hours, price range, and menus.
• Allowing businesses to promote Events through Event Ads.

“These improvements are a small part of our commitment to help businesses connect with customers,” the company stated on its Facebook Business site. “We’ll continue to work on new ways to make these connections easier and more valuable to help all businesses grow.”

If you’re a responsible Business Solutions Provider (BSP), you understand the importance of a social media presence to drive brand awareness and improve your reputation as an industry expert. You already have a Facebook page and are eager to take advantage of these changes to get the maximum benefits from your Page. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Recommendations: As clients can now post them directly on your Page, reach out to trusted customers and ask them for a quick recommendation. Your customers are your most effective brand ambassadors, and satisfied ones are typically happy to do so.

Actions: Take advantage of the new Page design by choosing the most appropriate template and action button for your business to make it as easy as possible for users to connect with you.

Page Stories: Engage your audience more frequently and personally by sharing content that best represents your dealership via your Page Story. Be sure to regularly share photos and videos to your Story to reach people consistently in a dynamic way.

Events: In addition to physical events, such as grand openings and lunch and learns, share virtual events—such as webinars—as well as new product, service, or website launches through Facebook Events. Include eye-catching photos, thorough descriptions, and relevant keywords in your tags to maximize engagement.

By taking advantage of these updates, Business Solutions Providers can make the most of its Facebook presence and interact with consumers in a more meaningful way.

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