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Beacon, NY, November 17, 2022 –DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions since 1988, recently introduced iPaaS connectors to its portfolio.

iPaaS is the commonly used term for Integration Platform as a Service. The cloud or web-based platform allows businesses to connect their applications to their DMS solution. Once integrated, data can be shared seamlessly and securely across these applications.

Why iPaaS and why now? As a globally recognized ECM provider, DocuWare continues its customer-first approach and is dedicated to improving the business processes of its customers, ultimately helping them to be more efficient and more profitable.

DocuWare’s iPaaS connectors offer many benefits to a business

  • Automated workflows between different cloud applications – workflows are created intuitively using a clickable interface
  • Consistent and secure data across the enterprise
  • No/Low maintenance – the manufacturers of the connectors handle this and businesses do not need to create their own infrastructure to support the connections
  • Meet data security and governance standards – iPaaS providers adhere to strict data security and privacy requirements, such as SOC 2HIPPA, and GDPR. 

iPaaS connectors are valuable for every business that uses accounting software such as Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Lexoffice, Bexio or ERPs from Microsoft or SAP and needs to share data: DocuWare uses webhooks to pass data via the integration platform to the other application. Based on this data, an invoice record is created and the accounting software returns the information back to DocuWare. An electronic stamp is placed on the document in DocuWare so the DocuWare user can see that the invoice was created in the other application. Such scenarios can run automatically and all data from DocuWare is simultaneously available in both systems.

Make, elastic.io and webMethods.io are all major providers of iPaaS platforms and DocuWare has developed its own connector for cloud integrations on Make, which is available to all DocuWare Cloud customers. It provides features like downloading documents, deleting, storing them in file cabinets and setting stamps.

Connectors have also been developed by providers such as webMethods and elastic.io and are currently available.

To learn more about how iPaaS connectors can benefit your business visit docuware.com/iPaaS

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