PrintMIB™ was established as a customer oriented, market driven company specializing in print management software services, products and system development for the consumables industry.

Our business approach is to provide innovative solutions through a combination of our own line of software products and over 100 man-years of programming and technical experience.  As a value added reseller, PrintMIB™ also provides solutions to meet the most demanding environmental requirements.

PrintMIB™ maintains a direct sales staff and a professional team of sales representatives committed to the value added sale. Our sales staff and application engineers are able to match requirements to function and recommend semi or full custom solutions when appropriate. We support those products long after shipment with warranty coverage and complete documentation packages.

The key to the company’s success has always been a willingness to respond to its customers’ needs. As well as providing the highest levels of support, PrintMIB™ devotes over 50% of its software royalties to further development of its software products. This level of investment ensures that PrintMIB’s™ software will maintain its market position.

All PrintMIB™ staff work closely with their customers to accurately understand their requirements and to respond more quickly and effectively to changes in the marketplace. Our close relationships with suppliers of print devices and other related equipment, gives PrintMIB’s staff a unique knowledge of the problems faced by users and allows the development of solutions that are both powerful and practical.

We invite you to explore our products and services through this web site. Come back again as we will be updating it regularly.